Price includes all e-learning, practical lessons, Equipment hire & air fills.

During a PADI Reactivate course, certified divers who haven't been diving for a while refresh their knowledge and skills to ensure they're ready to safely return to the water. The course typically consists of a combination of knowledge review sessions, confined water (swimming pool) skill practice, and open water dives. Here's what you can expect during a PADI Reactivate course.

Review of Dive Theory: You'll go over essential diving principles, including dive planning, dive tables or dive computer usage, equipment assembly, and safety procedures. This part helps refresh your memory on the theoretical aspects of diving.

Confined Water Sessions: In a pool or confined water environment, you'll practice fundamental scuba skills under the guidance of a certified PADI Instructor. This may include mask clearing, regulator retrieval, buoyancy control, and emergency procedures like sharing air with a buddy.

Skill Assessment: Your instructor will evaluate your proficiency in executing these skills to ensure you're comfortable and competent in the water.

Equipment Review: You'll review how to assemble, check, and use your scuba gear correctly, ensuring everything is in good working order.

Open Water Dives (Optional): Depending on the specific Reactivate program, there may be optional open water dives. These dives give you the opportunity to apply the skills you've refreshed in a real diving environment under the supervision of your instructor.

Certification Renewal: Upon successful completion of the course, your PADI certification will be reactivated, allowing you to dive confidently again.

The duration of the course can vary depending on factors like the diver's previous experience, comfort level, and the specific requirements of the training centre or instructor. It's designed to be flexible and tailored to meet the needs of individual divers returning to the sport after a period of inactivity.


2-3 hours


Valid diving certification must be supplied.

Course requirements

Age 10+